January Calendar 2020 (pdf)


Witness January 2020 (pdf)


Circle Bible Studies

Mary, Martha, Ruth

Meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 1:00 pm.

Location: St Andrew Lutheran Church.

Call 252-637-5879


Meets at various home the second Saturday of each month at 8:30 am.

Bagels, nibbles and beverages are served.

Call 252-637-5879

Other events

Christmas Angel Tree – Your opportunity to spread joy awaits


This year, the Social Ministry Committee is sponsoring a Christmas Angel Tree, filled with “wishes” from our regular guests at our Saturday community meal.  Frankly, some of these folks have not received a Christmas gift for years, and in some cases, decades!  Rather than getting them what we think they need, we decided to ask them.  Each “ornament” on the tree will contain the wish of one of our SOD guests.  If it is for clothing, then the size and their favorite color was requested.  Prices for each of the “requests” have been researched online, and most are between $20 and $30 dollars.  At the time of this writing, there were 27 requests, with potentially another 10 to be submitted. 

Our Angel Tree will go on display on the first Saturday/Sunday in Advent (Nov. 30/Dec, 1st)  To participate, all you need to do is the following.  :

1.) Select an “ornament” from the tree.  (NOTE:  There are two parts)

2.) Sign your name to the part that has just a number on it and drop it in the basket beside the tree (This is so we know who has taken responsibility for that particular gift.)

3.) Pick up a real ornament (available on the table beside the tree) and hang it on the tree to replace the “ornament-gift request” you selected

4.) Take the part that has the gift request information on it with you

5.) Shop for the gift, wrap it, and bring to the church any time before December 20th

Gifts will be given out on Saturday, December 21st.  If you would like to personally give your gift to the recipient, then plan to be at SOD by 6:00 PM on the 21st and join us for coffee and dessert.  If you cannot be there, then “Santa” will deliver your present for you.

NOTE:  There are a few of the requests that are more expensive than the $20-30 dollar range.  Funds from the November tag sale can be requested to help supplement your purchase.  Please contact Barbara Belon or one of the Social Ministry committee members for more information.   As an alternative, multiple families can combine their purchasing power for the higher-value gifts.